Become a MC1R Patron (Issue #6)

Become a MC1R Patron (Issue #6)

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Help us secure the future of MC1R Magazine and become a patron! For 99$ you can be part of an upcoming issue with your name and company website in the Patrons section in the back of the magazine. Each patron helps us reducing all the costs for producing the exclusive content and high quality print.

Show your support for MC1R through an one-off payment of $99.

You will get:

— Your name (or that of your company) and website printed in the back of the upcoming issue after payment.

— A copy of the upcoming MC1R Magazine with your name personally sent by the publisher with signature.

— A big big thank you!

We have a limited number of 20 patrons each issue. After payment you have to send us your name and it will be printed in the upcoming issue only.

Greetings from Hamburg,

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Become a MC1R Patron (Issue #6)