MC1R Magazine #2

MC1R Magazine #2

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MC1R Magazine #2 (English edition, 100 pages, worldwide shipping):

The second issue of MC1R magazine can be yours for just 10 Euro (plus shipping). Be part of something and help us build a great future for our magazine, order your copy today! If you don’t want to miss out on forthcoming issues, be sure to set up your three-month subscription.

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With interviews, projects, art and photographs from: Bart Rouwenhorst, Giovanni Lipari, Robin Hinsch, Phillip Gätz, Tim Bruening, Paul Pötsch, Jens Kaesemann, Hattie Watson, Alexander Trattler, Marleen Lohse, Alina Asmus, Michelle Marshall, Rødhåd, Anthea Pokroy, Ryle Kelly, Christian Bendel, Ceyhun Güney, Thomas Knights, Martin Riedel, Henriette Hell, Alexandra Michels, Max Grüterung,  Lennart Efsing and Nicolas Satgé.

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MC1R Magazine will be stored and shipped by a service called OML in Berlin from now on. OML is specialized on the independent magazines, so this garantees a smoother and faster worldwide shipment for your order on MC1R magazine.